New York Comic-Con: IDW's All-Ages Book From J.M. DeMatteis


IDW Publishing announced today that The Adventures of Augusta Wind, a new all-ages series by iconic comics writer J.M. DeMatteis and fan-favorite Popgun contributor Vassilis Gogtzilas, will begin publication in November. The series, which will get a first-look at the New York Comic-Con this weekend, "Writing The Adventures of Augusta Wind has been a genuinely magical experience, as I've watched the story lead me on to unexpected places and grow into a cosmic quest that spans multiple worlds and realities," said DeMatteis. "Vassilis Gogtzilas' astonishing visual imagination has challenged me to continually dig deeper and push farther into the rich mythology we're creating. With luck, Augusta's adventures will go on for years." DeMatteis also co-created and The Life and Times of Savior 28, the five-issue IDW miniseries that garnered he and artist Mike Cavallaro a ton of critical acclaim, and which is featured on a NYCC-exclusive t-shirt this weekend from the breast cancer charity Shirts for a Cure. "I've long loved J.M. DeMatteis' writing," said Chris Ryall, IDW's Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief, "and his ability to tell a captivating, action-filled, and heartfelt story is something he does better than just about anyone. It's great to be doing a book like Augusta Wind that plays to all these strengths in a story that will appeal to audiences young and old. And Vassilis' visuals perfectly complement the story's tone and deliver nicely upon the bizarre and charming characters and environments that appear in this story." Look for more from DeMatteis during our coverage of New York Comic Con, starting Thursday.