New York Comic Con Inhumanity Panel: Marvel Cosmic's Big Announcements


Earlier today at New York Comic Con, before Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Walking Dead took the news cycle for the day, Marvel Comics's Inhumanity panel brought a slew of new announcements to the show, and teased a number more that will see fuller details emerging tomorrow at the Spider-Man and Women of Marvel panels. "We have some amazing new Inhuman characters coming up," Avengers writer Jonathan Hickman said. "It's a very important thing for Marvel. We feel very strongly about what Matt and everyone else is doing moving forward." "They came before the superheroes, they came before the mutants," said editor Axel Alonso, who added that there would be a ripple effect to Black Bolt's actions in Infinity and that not all of the new Inhumans would eagerly embrace their new king. New Avengers #13.INH will show the fallout of the bomb, and Uncanny X-Men #15.1INH will show how mutants react, said Tom Brevoort. Superior Spider-Man will also tie-in, as will Indestructible Hulk and Avengers Assemble. Inhuman #1, due in stores in January 2014, is written by Matt Fraction and illustrated by Joe Madureira. "This is about normal people who wake up to having these incredible powers, but also joining this society that is very divided and incredibly strange," Alonso said.


All-New Invaders #1, up next, will also be out in January 2014. The series will be written by James Robinson and illustrated by Steve Pugh. Namor, Bucky and the Human Torch stopped this device back in World War II, but in the present, the Kree learn that the device is still around. Brevoort then introduced Iron Patriot #1, beginning in March 2014. Editor Mark Paniccia said that Rhodey "decides it's time to defend the home front, and this is the challenges that go with it. He comes across as an Iron Man duplicate, and I think Ales has a concept here and a pitch that is going to make him feel like his own guy." Next up was All-New Ghost Rider #1, due out in March 2014. "This is a Ghost Rider like you've never seen before," said Paniccia.


Dan Slott and Mike Allred were then announced to work on Silver Surfer. Slott said he's been dying to do this book for years, since The Galactus Trilogy is the first superhero comic he ever read. The publisher was dead-set on having Mike Allred draw the book--and had to wait until he was done with FF before he could join. One of the editors said this is the best possible time to launch a new Silver Surfer book because, while the character has had some trouble making books work in the past, now is a good time for cosmic Marvel to launch. "It's a fun book. Whenever you think of the Surfer, you think of the lone sentinel of the skyways. This is a book about a girl on board," Slott said. "He's going to meet a kindred spirit. You're going to learn that the universe is more fun when you see it with someone."