New York Comic Con Tickets Available At Midtown Comics and Other New York/New Jersey Retailers

With attendance expected to top last year's all-time high and a week-long 'Super Week' build-up to [...]

With attendance expected to top last year's all-time high and a week-long "Super Week" build-up to the show, New York Comic Con is starting the hype machine early and has started to presell tickets to the October show at brick-and-mortar retailers.

New York Comic Con will sell a limited number of tickets for the sold-out show at comic book retailers along with special New York Super Week cards that went on sale yesterday. This is the last chance for fans to get multi-day passes. Midtown gets a jump on the other retailers, but you can see a full list here. Ticket sales start at all participating retailers today, with a limit of four per customer.

"The demand has never been higher for New York Comic Con and we're glad that we can provide more tickets to fans to give them access to the show as well as all the activities happening during New York Super Week," said Lance Fensterman, Global Senior Vice President of ReedPOP.  "New York Super Week is the true evolution of the New York Comic Con experience, the city will be buzzing as the spirit of pop culture sweeps its way through the Big Apple. This line up has been laid out with the sole goal of entertaining the fans and we have a lot more surprises in store."

Last week, they announced that NPR's Ask Me Another will sponsor a Super Week appearance by Sandman creator and best-selling author Neil Gaiman. New York Comic Con takes place from October 9-12.