Nic Cage Reviews Captain America: Civil War, Batman V Superman & Suicide Squad

Nicolas Cage has always been known for his passionate investment in his films, and for being a little bit quirky off-screen. No matter what goes on with the actor however, fans still love seeing him appear in fims.

Cage's latest film, Army Of One, tells the ridiculous true story of a man who thinks God has told him to assassinate Osama Bin Laden. Cage plays an adaptation on the real-life Gary Faulkner, and Russell Brand co-stars as God himself.

nic cage civil war
(Photo: Dimension Films)

The film was released on Digital HD this week, and Cage has been speaking with various outlets to promote the film. While speaking with the folks over at Collider, the actor gave his thoughts on the current state of super hero films.

Now, Nicolas Cage is no stranger to the super hero genre, as he has portrayed two and a half heroes in the past. Two and a half doesn't seem like a solid metric, but he started shooting test footage for a film that never ended up being made.

The film in question was Superman Lives. Cage had been cast to play the resurrected Superman in a Kevin Smith take on the classic character. The film was almost all of the way through pre-production before the plug was pulled.

Cage's main role in the super hero genre was his take on Johnny Blaze for Marvel. Blaze, also known as the Ghost Rider, appeared in two films in 2007 and 2011. Critics were largely disappointed in Cage's take on the Ghost Rider, but not all fans agree with that. In addition to Ghost Rider, Nicolas also co-starred in Kick-Ass, playing the role of Big Daddy.

When asked about hit thoughts regarding the super hero genre in 2016, Cage only had great things to say.

"I thought Civil War was excellent. I though Batman v Superman was excellent. I though Will Smith was great in Suicide Squad. I think that the genre is in good shape."


He clearly enjoys the current super hero films, but it seems that he wasn't was keen on Suicide Squad. After saying the other two films were great, the actor only decided to praise Will Smith's performance in the movie.

Source: Collider