Nintendo Announces Mass Mythical Pokemon Distribution and More for 20th Anniversary

Pokemon fans will get a second chance to get some of the rarest Pokemon in existence. In a new [...]

Pokemon fans will get a second chance to get some of the rarest Pokemon in existence. In a new video released today, Nintendo revealed they would distribute a slew of mythical Pokemon to celebrate the storied game franchise's twentieth anniversary. One Pokemon will be released per month at Gamestop, starting with Mew in February.

Mythical Pokemon like Mew, Darkrai and Arceus cannot traditionally be caught in the core Pokemon game and are usually only available in special event distributions that occur once every few years. For instance, Mew, the first Mythical Pokemon introduced in the games, was last available in the United States in 2010 (although trainers could also earn a Mew via the My Pokemon Ranch Wii game). For those looking to "catch them all", this distribution marks a rare chance to grab Pokemon that aren't easily available, even through the game's "Global Trade System".

In addition to the special anniversary 3DS bundle which previously covered, the video also a new trading card game expansion featuring Kanto Pokemon and Mythical Pokemon-themed bundles, re-releases of several older Pokemon anime movies and merchandise celebrating the upcoming anniversary. The video also teased the upcoming releases of Pokemon Go and Pokken Tournament, two Pokemon themed games coming out later this year. One thing the video did NOT announce was a new "core" Pokemon game for the Nintendo 3DS, which many believe will be announced later this year.

Nintendo will air a commercial during the Super Bowl next month promoting Pokemon's 20th anniversary. It's unclear whether this is the official commercial or if more content is on the way. Stay tuned to for more news on Pokemon (including the reveal of a new Pokken Tournament character later this week).