Norman Reedus Thinks Jeffrey Dean Morgan Will Knock Negan Role Out Of The Park


Negan already has Daryl's head going, "Out of the park."

Norman Reedus recently opened up about the casting of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan for The Walking Dead's season six finale and he is just as excited as any of us to hear the news. "It's a big deal. It's a really big deal," Reedus told IGN. "I can say that I've known Jeffrey for 15 years. He has his own style, his own flavor, and he's such a talented actor and has his own personality that whatever he does he brings to and he hits it out of the park. The thing about casting characters for this show is they can't just be a good actor. They need to fit here in this world with us making this show, they have to come to Georgia, they have to fit in this machine. That's on a character level, that's on a personality level, that's on a work ethic level -- they have to fit. Knowing Jeffrey, he fits perfectly, and I think that he will knock this role right out of the park."

He'll definitely be knocking something out of the park.


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