NYCC: Marvel Announces Gamora Solo Title Written By Guardians Of The Galaxy Screenwriter

Gamora is finally getting her own solo title, but she isn't the only Guardians of the Galaxy star highlighting the upcoming series.

At New York Comic Con's "Women of Marvel" panel, Marvel announced that Guardians of the Galaxy's co-screenwriter, Nicole Perlman, will pen Gamora's monthly adventures. The series will mark both the daughter of Thanos' first solo title, as well as Perlman's debut comic book project. An artist was not announced and has yet to be determined, according to a Marvel press release.

When Gamora hits stands, it will be the fifth title to fall under the Guardians of the Galaxy umbrella. Marvel is already publishing "Guardians of the Galaxy," "The Legendary Star-Lord," "Rocket Raccoon," and "Guardians 300." Given the film's massive box-office success, it seems that Marvel is determined to build a far-reaching franchise that's on par with The Avengers. In fact, Marvel announced earlier this weekend that a Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon series is heading to Disney XD.


While a concrete release date has not been announced, Marvel said that Gamora will land in the spring of 2015.