NYCC: Marvel Announces Silk Ongoing Series By Robbie Thompson and Stacey Lee

Today at their Spider-Verse panel, Marvel Comics announced that a new, ongoing Silk series by writer Robbie Thompson and interior artist Stacey Lee.

Thompson, best known for his work on TV's Supernatural, will take Cindy Moon -- the other teenager bit by a radioactive spider on the same day Spider-Man got his power -- on a journey of self-discovery and bad-guy-punching, with Lee's unique art providing a look from the book and covers by Eisner winner Dave Johnson.

The cover above is a variant for Silk #1 by Lee. At right is Johnson's standard cover for the issue.

Silk has worked with Ezekiel and Spider-Woman, but now will "come out" to the Marvel Universe as a whole and have to deal with the repercussions of trying to put her life back together while keeping an eye on threats with which she can help out.


Silk is one of two female-led titles announced today spinning out of Spider-Verse. It will launch in February, the same month Spider-Gwen hits the stands, showing that the will of the people (or at least our reviewer Chase Magnett) will be obeyed.