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12:16 ... Kevin Smith takes the stage. Roaring ovation and says on top of the dubstep, "Rave music makes me feel like I have to show some skin."

Makes a joke that back in the old days of Comic Book Shows he would buy what amounted to porno comics inside an old church building.

12:20 ... gives a big 'Thank You' to his team of behind the scenes people, "They go through a f^ck ton of unfunny stuff to get us down to what you see."

12:25 ... showing a sizzle reel for the new season.

12:27 ... "I am super thankful for the guys at AMC," Smith said. "They put me on after The Walking Dead, so people will watch the f#cking show."

12:28 ... No prepared remarks from the cast, going right into Q&A.

12:30 Q: Justin from the Bronx, "All, imaginary fight between Thanos versus Darkseide."

Kevin: Darkseid, beams would take everyone out. Everyone concurs.

Q: Danny from Long Island, "Big DC fan, the movies are so-so, what are your thoughts on MoS, Suicide Squad, BvS."

Kevin Smith, "Ben Affleck rules as the Batman. Brillance of Zach Snyder said, lets make him look and move like the video game Batman. I mean it used to be Michael Keaton, and f#ck, Mr. Mom doesn't hit too hard, but Ben comes in and blows up 12 people just coming in the door.

"They are never going to be Marvel movies... and as a long time fan of this shit I don't care, you are either a DC guy or a Marvel guy and really DC isn't ever going to do what Marvel does... but really, when I was a kid and wish they had all this shit... so for years we have wanted this and now we got it. So, maybe becareful what you f&cking wish for, I guess."

"I've watched Batman versus Superman extended edition 25 times since I got it, my wife has said "You've watched this shit 25 times, you know what happens... f^cking Martha." ... and I just say, "I know, I'm just going to keep watching it until I love it."

"So, yes, I do hope that we get a better version of Batman versus Superman, you know, like maybe the version in my head. When I saw Batman v Superman it was clear that Snyder was a fan of the Dark Knight series and he was a fan of the ending... I was a fan of the beginning. He wanted to show them fight and I want to start with Bruce nearly crashing his car and then swerving back. That is a great way to start, in my opinion."

"I spent 12 hours of my life dedicated to Luke f^cking Cage last week and it was f*cking good. I had no expectations of that and they told a much better story than I thought they would. I mean we live in a world were they are making a f^cking Antman sequel. We didn't have this sh!t when I was growing up. Creation path is wide open, man. We should appreciate it. It is easy to pay to see a movie, sh!t on it, and be negative but I am on the other side of this, f^ck that."

"As you sit around taking sh!t on things, the world is passing you by. There is no good reason to do it. You try to ascend in life and people try to drag you down. I guess misery loves company. There will be always people to sh!t on things. I just think about being that 10 year-old dreaming that people would make these films and now they are so be happy."

Bryan: -- "You stole my answer word-for-word."

12:45... Q: Next guy, Mike from NY (he is super pumped about everything), "Question for Mr. Flanagan, from one buisness man to another... you've had a propsal, but can I B&B The Stash for a Bachelor Party?"

Kevin: "How much money we talking about here?"

Flanagan: "You saw the episode with the kids birthday party, now imagine adding alchohol and bodiness."

Mr. Chen: "Can I come out of the cake in my orange speedo?"

12:50 ... Q: Skyler from NYC, "Kevin and Flanagan, when are we getting the next installment of your books?"

Kevin: "Now the DC Univerce has changed since the New 52 happened and now our books started in the old continuity so we asked what we could do and they told us to do whatever we wanted. We kind of freaked out... anything... we are going to have Batman and Robin f%cking... not each other, but other people.... while they watch each other. But seriously, Jim Lee asked us when the f$ck are we going to finish your Batman book. Now we are thinking about bringing the mini-series into the mix.

"What story do we want to tell? We have three issues but they told us to do whatever we want. Walter said, 'youre favorite story is SwampThing goes to Hell, let's do something like that.' .. .so I said, f#ck yes. So we are going to go something in that direction. Maybe 12 issues. We will do something like that and have a hardcover book to show for it. At this age, Im 46, and so things that fueled me in the past don't now, so I think that will be fun."

12:56... Q: James from NYC. "Your fun makes me happy. Thank you. My question is, describe Earth 2 version of yourself."

Kevin: "I make zillion dollar movies that everyone loves. Basically I am JJ Abrams in Earth 2."

Mr Chen: "I would be YOU (Kevin). Imagine Kevin but Asian. I'd have a beard and be funny."

1:00 ... Q: Kevin from Oakland, Calif. ... "For Walt... you ever going to make Cyrtozoid Man into a series? Are we getting Vulgar 2?"

Bryan: "Making Cryptozoid Man into an animated series? I mean, I dont know. Stranger things have happened. But we are writing another Vulgar, so you can expect that here soon."

Kevin: "Dude, you are? I hope he does it. It is f&cking brilliat. Making a 20-year-old sequel to a movie that no one ever saw? Oh man, I am more f#cking excited for Vulgar 2 than the next Star War."

1:02 ... Q: Tony from Long Island, "Question for everyone BUT Kevin, most embarrasing Kevin Smith story?"

Flanagan: "I dont know that I have one, I mean he owns everything he does, he told them all."

Kevin: "I know you didnt ask me, but I have one that involves Bryan.... I was 18, and Bryan was 20. We found a strip club in our neck of the woods it was a juice bar -- so if they serve alchohol they cant get naked -- but we got dressed up to go to the strip club in Long Bridge called Strutters. On the way there we stop at an ATM to get money, cause we are going to the strip club, and at the ATM and Bryan pulls out his wallet and Bryan opens the wallet and he had a condom. I said, "thats optimistic." So then I took it and hawked a big loogie in it and left it there with a big laugh. They Seabright police called the next day and asked me to come into the station, so okay, I go to Seabright.... everyone starts laughing and making the faces of spitting in a condom. The cop says to me, "We're men, so I'll just say it, 'did you spit in a rubber at the ATM and leave it there?' ... I say 'no, what kind of animal does that?"... and he said, "YOU, and showed me the pictures." ... "a mother came after you and wanted to press charges but fortunately there arent any laws for spitting in a condom and leaving it."

Bryan: "It was the most criptic message ever before or since, it went ... Big. It's me. It's about last night. Legality. And us. And then you hung up."

1:10 ... Q: Guy from Brooklyn, "I finished film school, my dream is to work with you, I'll live in my car. Shave Bryan Johnson's back. I quit my bullshit resturant job. This is my moment, now or never... I will do anything to work for you."

Kevin: "What I need is someone to leave a condom full of spit at every ATM."

Bryan: "What makes you think you can shave my back and not the front."

Kevin: "We dont shoot much out here, but I promise in front of King and Country, that if we get a second season picked up... look at that guy back there, you work for us next season."

Kevin -- closing statements --


"There are no writers, just cameras, so they have to generate all the content. We have gotten six seasons out of just talking about comics and other sh#t. That can happen to you. Go out, record your podcast. It is easy as sh!t and you can put ads on it and earn money. You can work your way up.

You can get onto AMC, the greatest f^cking company on the planet. They give you The Walking Dead, The Talking Dead, and then us. Anything is f*cking possible so long as you are stepping towards something."