Olivia Wilde Weighs In On Jeb Bush Calling Supergirl Hot & Playing Captain Marvel


Not so long ago, Jeb Bush decided to say something on a lot of people's mind's: Supergirl is hot. However, his politcal stature came under fire from the internet following the comment.

More recently, Olivia Wilde, Melissa Benoist, and Saorise Ronan appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden. Corden brought up the moment and even played a clip of it for Supergirl herself, Benoist, to watch and react.

It was Olivia Wilde, however, who had the best reaction. "It may be the only thing he's ever been right about," Wilde said to Corden.

Corden also pressed Wilde on whether or not there's any truth to the internet's rumors of her involvement with Marvel's Captain Marvel. "It's amazing. That's the thing about the interweb isn't it? People can come up with ideas and suggest them and then it becomes a snowball," Wilde told Corden. "I was thrilled. I think that would be amazing but I had nothing to do with it."

If that's not concrete enough for you, Corden specifically asked, "So, no one has called?" to which Wilde responded, "No."