Once Upon A Time: Teri Reeves Cast As Grown-Up Dorothy


NCIS and Chicago Fire actress Terri Reeves has landed a recurring role in Once Upon a Time.

Reeves will portray the grown-up version of Dorothy in the second-half of Season 5. Though, you might not recognize her since the last time the character appeared on the show. Dorothy's no longer the wide-eyed farmgirl (portrayed by Matreya Scarrwener) from Kansas that we met at the tail-end of Season 3. After her encounter with The Wicked Witch/Zelena, she's grown-up to become a "brave warrior for good."

"Dorothy returns to Oz to save the magical city from the most wicked of witches," reports TV Line. "But to do so, she will have to forge new friendships, unlocking a strength she has never had before."

Reeves will make her debut in the 16th episode of this season, which will air in the beginning of April.


Once Upon a Time makes its Season 5 midseason premiere Sunday, March 6 at 8PM on ABC.