Original Tim Burton Batmobile On Sale For $1 Million

(Photo: Auto.ru)

If you happen to be in need of a vehicle, why not ride to work in style? In fact, you could have your own Batmobile, it just might cost you Timmy's college fund.

The 1989 Batman film, helmed by Director Tim Burton, had an inspired and sleek design for its batmobile, and now you can own one that was used in the film (at least reportedly). The vehicle is being sold by a Russian car company called Auto.ru and is on sale for a cool $1 million.

As you can see in the picture above, the iconic car is in pretty good condition body wise, though it looks like the tires have seen better days. It was hard to pry it loose from collectors hands in the first place though, so guess you really can't complain.

"We have been looking for Batmobiles around the world, but we have received several rejections without explanation," the car sales company, Auto.ru, said in a statement. "Their owners and fans don't normally want to part with them for any money."

I probably wouldn't part with it either. The design on this version still holds up really well.

via THR

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