Osama Bin Laden Returns In Savage Dragon Comic Book

Savage Dragon #177

Erik Larsen certainly isn’t afraid to take chances with creating controversy in his comics. Maybe, that’s why Savage Dragon is one of the longest running independent comic book titles around. Larsen’s latest headline making story is that he will be bringing Osama bin Laden back in Savage Dragon #177.

Erik Larsen previously featured Osama bin Laden on a Wondercon variant Savage Dragon cover. The Wondercon variant cover showed President Barack Obama punching Osama bin Laden.

According to a description for Savage Dragon #177, Osama bin Laden is coming back as a giant mutated killer. After Osama bin Laden was dumped into the ocean, he apparently came into contact with radiation, which brought him back to life and turned him into a giant green monster.

In Savage Dragon #177, the resurrected Osama bin Laden will fight Malcolm Dragon and Battle Girl. Also, the actual Savage Dragon is a million lightyears from home, as an alien invasion mounts. Savage Dragon #177 is scheduled to arrive in comic book stores in October 2011.