Ousted Batgirl Writer Gail Simone Suggests Former Batgirl Writer Bryan Q. Miller To Replace Her

While it's unclear who will take over DC Entertainment's monthly Batgirl title now that fan-favorite writer Gail Simone has been fired, Simone has an idea: the guy she replaced.

On her Tumblr earlier today, Simone posted:


It just hit me, holy crap, what a great time this would be to bring Bryan Q. Miller back to the DCU.


Come write Batgirl again!

Miller, currently writing the digital-first Smallville Season Eleven for the publisher, was the writer on Batgirl just before DC relaunched their continuity and gave the title to Simone. During his critically-acclaimed but low-selling run, he featured Stephanie Brown, a character whose brief stint as Robin and subsequent death made her something of a favorite among fans who viewed her as an underdog.

Since she and a number of other characters, including fellow former Batgirl Cassandra Cain, were removed from the history of the DC Universe after the relaunch, fans have consistently lobbied to have them reinstated; at one point Simone herself pitched a series that would feature these and other young, female heroes in a kind of "Junior Birds of Prey" series.


Newsarama very briefly published the Batman group solicitations earlier today, which reflected that One Soul creator Ray Fawkes is taking over for a two-issue fill-in arc after Simone's final solicited issue. Bleeding Cool, however, have speculated that she would be replaced sooner than currently solicited. Rumors have been swirling that her replacement might hail from the creator-owned or Image community, where a number of creators are eager to try their hand at Big Two comics.

Asked whether she knew who would be replacing her or not, Simone blogged:

I do not know. I am not familiar with the gentleman doing the fill-in books, and I am not sure who the new writer will be.

But I want to stress that that’s pretty normal, really. Once someone is off a creative team, they are usually not in the loop for the book at all anymore. It’s standard practice, really.

Sorry, don’t know!  I wish them luck and all possible success.