Ozzy Osbourne Reveals He Almost Died

After postponing several fall tour dates, and getting a serious surgery on his hand, famed [...]

After postponing several fall tour dates, and getting a serious surgery on his hand, famed rockstar Ozzy Osbourne is finally opening up about what happened.

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Osbourne revealed that he has multiple staph infections in his hand, which could have killed him had they not been tended to when they were. It started with postponing a couple of shows, and turned into the cancellation of several tour dates, which he said he would make up next year. It was revealed earlier in October that he had undergone multiple surgeries on his hand, though fans weren't sure what was ailing him. As it turns out, the issue was quite serious.

"I didn't feel sick, so I was cracking jokes," Osbourne said. "The doctor said, 'I don't know if you realize, Mr. Osbourne, this is a very serious problem you have.' Sharon said, 'Would you stop fucking making jokes?' So I said, 'Well, it's my hand.' They're all extremely, deadly serious about it."

Come to find out, the singer actually had three staph infections in his hand, one of which was starting to spread to his middle finger. The infections are what ended up requiring the surgery.

"They cut all this stuff out," he said. "Even with the numbing stuff, it was agony. It wasn't pus, but it was the stage after pus, when it gets in the blood and goes in your body and fucking kills you."

Osbourne explained that he believes he might have contracted the staph infection during a meet-and-greet session, where he shakes the hands of hundreds of fans each night.

At this time, Osbourne is back at home, resting, and he says he's "about 85 to 90 percent better." Even though he's on the up and up, he says that the issue has really put a strain on him.

"I haven't been able to do anything," he added. "I'm right-handed. You can't wipe your own ass. And I didn't have many fucking volunteers who would do it for me."

"It could have been a lot worse," Osbourne concluded. "I could have been dead."