Pacific Rim Is #1 At International Box Office Again

Pacific Rim Box Office

Things were looking bleak for Pacific Rim when it opened to an unimpressive $37.2 million at the U.S. box office. Given that Pacific Rim had an estimated $190 million production budget many were quick to start labeling the film as a box office bomb. However, Pacific Rim has proven to be a monster-sized hit overseas.

Now, in its fourth week of release, Pacific Rim pulled a surprise upset and won the international box office, finishing ahead of Smurfs 2, which had been touted to win the overseas box office in its opening weekend. Pacific Rim took in $53 million at the international box office to finish in first place. Smurfs 2 finished in second place with $52.5 million. The Wolverine took third place with $38.5 million.

Pacific Rim previously won the international weekend box office on July 19th through 21st. It's return to the top of the international box office charts is in large part due to the film's success in China, where it opened this week. $45.2 million of Pacific Rim's international box office dollars came from China. Cumulatively, Pacific Rim has now grossed $293.4 million at the worldwide box office (including the U.S. box office).

When money from promotional partnerships and DVD/Blu-Ray sales are eventually factored in, Pacific Rim could wind up being a financial success story for Legendary Pictures. While a Pacific Rim sequel once looked like a long shot, it now looks like a virtual certainty.