'Pacific Rim Uprising': Bracer Phoenix Trailer Released

A new TV spot for Pacific Rim Uprising has been released, spotlighting the Bracer Phoenix.

The Bracer Phoenix, as revealed in the video above, comes equipped some major firepower. Its signature spiked ball and chain of death is called the "M19 Morning Star," while Vortex Cannons offer a fierce bit of weaponry from the mech suit's chest plate.

"I loved the first movie and one of the biggest reasons is because of Idris Elba," Boyega told ComicBook.com at New York Comic Con. He is excited to play Elba's character's son. "It was definitely something I hadn't imagined," Boyega said. "I saw myself in a Jaeger suit and I was like 'Oh, crap! This is what you brought me in for!'"

Boyega's character appears to be echoing his father but Jake will still be an apple which falls a bit further from the tree than meets the eye at a glance. "We find him at the beginning of the movie in a circumstance quite different from his dad." Boyega said. The actor describes his role as a criminal on the streets in the beginning who is brought back through a connection to Cailee Spaeny's Amara character.

"He is nothing without his best friend Jake," franchise newcomer Scott Eastwood says of his character. "They've got some issues to work out from the past."


Director Steven DeKnight is burdened with taking over for Guillermo del Toro. "Guillermo set the table," DeKnight said. "We wanted to make sure we honored what he created and also expanded the universe. This is hopefully the first step in a bigger Pacific Rim franchise that we really wanted to explore the universe and look at the first movie and expand on it. There are references to the first movie and what happened in the first movie. As our people try to understand why the Kaiju attack, why the aliens sent the kaiju... We really wanted to honor the first movie and go forward and moving 10 years in the future gave us the chance to do that."

Pacific Rim Uprising opens March 23.