Patrick Stewart Says Wolverine 3 Will Include A Different Charles Xavier Than Seen Before

Not only will Professor Charles Xavier be appearing in Hugh Jackman's as-yet-untitled third Wolverine solo film, but we'll apparently be getting a new spin on Patrick Stewart's patriarch of the merry mutant family.

That's from Stewart himself, who told Screenrant:

“Oh, yeah I love being in those movies. I feel… I am very passionate about the X-Men movies and unlike Star Trek, where I was Captain of the Enterprise, but someone had already been captain of the Enterprise before me, William Shatner. Um, but well I created Professor X and now James is taking it over and he is wonderful so flattering to have him as a youthful me. Everybody associated with that project, they are fantastic… the actors, the crew and the directors and now that Singer is back directing it because the first two were wonderful movies. Yeah, I would go happy into old age doing more X-Men, but something tells me from what I read that Hugh said it may be over soon. I don’t know what the studio will think about that. We’ll see. He’s a terrific character, but I am looking forward to… if what I have been told is true… to a different version of Charles. We shall see.”

That's quite a task, considering that we've seen different versions of Xavier, from different actors, in different time periods, with different philosophies, over the course of the franchise.

Wolverine III is due in theaters March 3, 2017. Keep abreast of release dates for this and all the comic book movies coming out soon here.