Paul Rudd And Corey Stoll Talk The Ant-Man And Yellowjacket Suits

On Saturday, attended a press junket with Ant-Man stars Paul Rudd and Corey Stoll. Rudd and Stoll both took the opportunity to talk about their suits. While Rudd really enjoyed wearing his suit, Stoll didn't actually have a physical suit, as his suit was entirely CGI.

"We tried to make it a practical suit," said Stoll. "We went through several iterations and it just was not working. So in the end it was completely CGI. And of course I had been working out like a fiend to be able to look good in this suit and in the end it just turned out to be for the behind the stage footage of me in my pajamas."

"I’m biased because I loved this suit and I think it’s the coolest looking suit of all," said Rudd. And I loved wearing it because it was not that uncomfortable and even on my days off I’d wear it. It helped me feel the part. There’s something that happens when you get in that thing that it’s inevitable. I would stand differently; I would feel like Ant-Man in that thing…"

Rudd added, "And you know they keep the sound stages a little bit cooler because you know it doesn’t really breathe THAT well. But it was cool, I could just sometimes catch myself going 'Gah, this thing is amazing looking!' And as far as getting skinnier to try and fit in it I didn’t eat anything for about a year. I worked out all the time. I took that Chris Pratt approach, which is just basically eliminate anything fun for about a year and that’s a good way to prepare to play a super hero. And again, it also helped me for the part."

Ant-Man opens in movie theaters on July 17, 2015.