Platinum Studios to Develop 'Mal Chance'

Platinum Studios is on a roll--one that is beginning to rival the movie making of Marvel and DC. Having already announced development plans for "Cowboys & Aliens", "Witchblade", "Atlantis Rising", the studio announced last week that it was bringing "The Weapon" to the big screen. Now comes another development deal. Platinum, along with Flame Ventures, will adapt the Platinum graphic novel "Mal Chance." Scott Murphy (thinking it's the "Star Wars: Clone Wars" and "Angel" Murphy--waiting on confirmation) will write the screenplay. "Mal Chance" centers on Lola, a member of an ancient society of assassins targeted for death by a ruthless gangster. Lola partners with a straight-laced FBI agent to try to bring down the gangster's organization.

"'Mal Chance" is a wonderfully visual world steeped with contemporary and complex characters--all playing on the edge of life and death situations,' said Flame Ventures Tony Krantz.

Kudos to Platinum Studios for continuing to bring well crafted material to the big screen.