Pokemon Generations Anime Announced

Earlier this week, a leaked Japanese magazine revealed a first look at the upcoming Pokemon Sun & Moon: The Series, which continues the 20 year adventure of Ash Ketchum and his Pokemon partner Pikachu. Today, the Pokemon Company announced a surprise second anime, Pokemon Generations, which will celebrate the full 20 year history of the Pokemon franchise.

Unlike the original Pokemon anime, Pokemon Generations will feature stories and battles based off the plot lines of Pokemon video games. According to the trailer, Pokemon Generations will relive "timeless moments" in Pokemon history with new eyes. Some of the scenes shown in the trailer include the final battle between Red and Blue (from Pokemon Red and Blue) and the fight between Lance's Dragonite and the Red Gyrados in the Lake of Rage.

pokemon generations
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Generations looks a little more serious than the original Pokemon anime, with an emphasis on action and the power of Pokemon. In one scene, we saw a group of armored police officers storm into an abandoned building followed by a Machamp and Arcanine. We also got glimpses of Zygarde, Registeel, and the Legendary Beasts from Pokemon Gold and Silver.

A poster (shown below) for Pokemon Generations features some of the major characters and antagonists from the various Pokemon games, including N (from Pokemon Black and White), Lysandre (from Pokemon X & Y) and Giovanni (the Team Rocket leader from Pokemon Red and Blue). Looker, a detective who's appeared in multiple games, and the immortal AZ are also prominently featured in the poster.

The show will consist of 18 episodes, all of which will debut weekly on Pokemon's YouTube page. Each episode of Pokemon Generations will be between three and five minutes long and will be released weekly between now and the end of the year. The first two episodes will be released on YouTube on Friday, September 16th.


The show has a similar look and feel as Pokemon Origins, a four episode anime released back in 2013 shortly before the release of Pokemon X & Y. That anime was a more faithful adaptation of the original Pokemon Red & Blue plot, although it did showcase the (then) new Mega Evolution feature in the final episode.

Pokemon Generations also shares its name with an upcoming Pokemon Trading Card Game expansion that will feature re-releases of several original Pokemon cards, including Charizard, Bulbasaur, and Pikachu.