Pokemon Generations Episode 4 is Live

The newest episode of Pokemon Generations, titled 'Lake of Rage', is live on YouTube and available [...]

The newest episode of Pokemon Generations, titled "Lake of Rage", is live on YouTube and available to watch.

The nearly five minute episode shows Lance's raid on Team Rocket's Lake of Rage base, as shown in Pokemon Gold and Silver. Gold (the player character of the second Generation Pokemon games) assisted Lance during the raid and makes a cameo appearance in the episode. The Red Gyrados that triggered the raid also makes an appearance in the episode.

The real star of the episode is Lance's Dragonite, who proceeds to singlehandedly stop multiple Team Rocket goons with little resistance. Dragonite uses Fire Punch, Flamethrower, and Thunderbolt at different points and generally looks like an unstoppable monster.

This is the second straight episode to feature Lance, as he also made an appearance in last week's episode, "The Challenger", facing Blue during his Elite Four challenge.

Pokemon Generations is part of Pokemon's 20th anniversary celebration and exists in a seperate anime universe from the traditional Pokemon television show. The shorts are deliberately closer in feel to the actual Pokemon games, with less liberties taken with Pokemon battles and locations within the series. According to the Pokemon Company, each episode of Pokemon Generations will feature hidden moments that tie into the plots of various Pokemon games.

This is the fourth episode of Pokemon Generations, with previous episodes released over the last two Fridays. If the pattern from those episodes hold, we should get at least two more episodes focusing on the Johto region and the events of Pokemon Gold and Silver.

New episodes will be posted each Friday from now through the end of the year.