Pokemon GO Bar Crawls Are Now a Thing

pokemon drinking

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

Twenty years ago, millions of kids spent hundreds of hours playing Pokemon Red and Blue on their Game Boys. Those kids are all grown up now, but catching and collecting Pokemon is back in style thanks to Pokemon GO. Since Pokemon GO encourages players to explore their outdoors, what better way to simultaneously relive your childhood and celebrate your adulthood than by attending a Pokemon GO themed bar crawl?

Pokemon GO themed bar crawls are popping up across the country, giving players an excuse to socialize, drink and play Pokemon at the same time. Some bar crawls, like this one in Brooklyn, is only loosely organized with an emphasis on socializing than capturing gyms or catching Pokemon. However, a bar crawl in Columbus is organizing participants by their Pokemon GO team and staggering trips so that each team is at a different bar at a different time.


If you live in a decent sized city, you can probably find a Pokemon GO bar crawl happening in the next few weeks. If you can't find a bar crawl, it shouldn't be too hard to hard to organize one. Just find an area with a lot of bars and PokeStops, pick a date, and invite your friends!