Pokemon GO Glitch Makes Catching Pokemon Harder

pokeball pokemon go

Niantic Labs admitted earlier today that a recent Pokemon Go update has accidentally made Pokemon harder to catch. Players noticed that Pokemon were fleeing a lot more frequently since last weekend's update, although there was no indication that Niantic had decreased any in game catch rates. Pokemon Go was also frequently neglecting to add bonuses for accurate throws, even when tossing a 100 XP "excellent throw".

In response to complaints, Niantic admitted that a bug had affected Pokemon flee rates, but that they were working on a fix. The tweet seemed to imply that the more accurate the throw, the more likely a Pokemon would break out of the PokeBall. The company also assured players that they were working on a solution.

After weeks of complaining about Niantic's lack of communication, the company has made an effort to reach out to the community about recent features. Yesterday, the company explained why it had removed the Battery Saver function on the iOS version of Pokemon Go and promised that it would return in a future update.


Niantic has been busily working on Pokemon Go all week, trying to improve the game as its worldwide rollout continues. After releasing a widely panned update, the developer shut down all Pokemon Go bot programs to curb cheating, and allegedly added coding to allow for in-game trading (although trading hasn't been implemented). A new update is expected soon.