Pokemon GO is Becoming a Dating App

pokemon go love
(Photo: Nintendo)

Some fans of Pokemon GO are discovering that playing the game is providing an extra boost to their dating lives. Three of the top posts on the Reddit's Pokemon subreddit on Friday were about how Pokemon GO helped players with dates.

The highest ranked post was about a user named "UnityTreeofSavior" who randomly encountered another Pokemon GO user while exploring town. The two talked about Pokemon for a while and agreed to go out on a date the next day. In a follow up post, UnityTreeofSavior said that the date went well, even though he was far less versed on Pokemon than his date.

Another post on /r/Pokemon offered some additional details about how to use Pokemon GO as a date activity. "[My wife and I] drove from PokeStop to PokeStop and caught a ton of Pokemon while chasing down silhouettes of Pokemon along the way," said the user. "It was way more fun than it sounds and we ended up having good luck with servers until we came home after midnight. It was a simple and inexpensive date, which we plan to do again. If you have a [significant other] who is into Pokemon, make it a date!"

Niantic Labs did design Pokemon GO with a social aspect in mind, as players can more easily overtake enemy gyms when in a group. Some players also noted that everyone in their groups would find Pokemon at the same time, meaning that it was easier for friends to coordinate catching strategies with one another. In a few years, we may even see some Pokemon GO themed weddings to celebrate the lucky couple's first date.


Pokemon GO is available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.