Pokemon Go Shuts Down Pokevision and Other Tracking Apps

pokevision copy

Pokemon Go has cut off access to Pokevision and other third party tracking apps. The popular website, which displays the exact location of Pokemon in Pokemon Go on a Google Map, posted a message on their website earlier this morning that their service was unavailable. The website then posted the following message to its Twitter account.

Other third party tracking websites have posted similar messages, indicating that Niantic Labs has either figured out how to limit access to their data or are cracking down on unauthorized access to their data.

Earlier this week, Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke stated that he wasn't a fan of the various Pokemon Go tracking services and indicated that Niantic would cut them off in the near future.


Niantic's shutdown of various tracking sites comes just a few hours after the company overhauled Pokemon Go's tracking system. Instead of showing a Pokemon's relative distance with the use of footprint icons (a feature that has been broken for weeks), the new tracking system shows all Pokemon within 70 meters in no particular order.