Pokemon Go's Newest Update Makes Transferring Pokemon A Lot Easier

pokemon go transfer

Last weekend, the online Pokemon Go community freaked out about a new update that removed the game's broken tracking system. As fans demanded refunds and flooded the game with negative reviews, many didn't notice a small change that makes grinding for Pokemon a whole lot simpler.

If you've recently tried to transfer a Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you may have noticed that the transfer button is no longer at the bottom of the screen showing a Pokemon's stats and attacks. No, the transfer button isn't gone, Niantic just moved the button so it was more accessible. The transfer button can now be found by tapping on the menu button on the bottom right hand corner of your screen whenever you tap on one of your captured Pokemon. The new location is much more accessible, meaning it's a lot easier to transfer your extra Pokemon quickly and efficiently.


Moving the transfer button is a subtle change, but it will save players a few seconds with every Pokemon they transfer. That time adds up when considering how many Pokemon players need to catch to collect enough candy to evolve their Pokemon or reach higher levels in the game. It may not be enough to convince angry players to change their minds about Pokemon Go, but it will help those players who are continuing to grind so they can complete their Pokedex.