Pokemon Meets Star Wars In ‘Bulba Fett’ Action Figure

Could another evolution be coming for Pokemon’s beloved Bulbasaur? Eh, probably not, but the [...]

Could another evolution be coming for Pokemon's beloved Bulbasaur? Eh, probably not, but the question is understandable. After all, recent photos on the Internet show what appears to be a new (and most definitely bootleg) action figure of Bulbasaur's newest iteration. So, if you've ever been curious to see what a mash-up between the Pokemon and Star Wars' Boba Fett would look like, then you're answer has come.

(Photo: Reddit / scorpi01)

Having first appeared on Reddit, a picture popped up online of a PokeWars action figure called Bulba Fett. The surely unlicensed toy comes complete with a "Bounty Hunting Ball" accessory which is really just a normal looking PokeBall. You can also see how Bulbasaur has been mashed-up with the famous Star Wars bounty hunter as the Pokemon's cartoony head has been placed on a bipedal body. The figure's ripped body is printed with the Pokemon's green and blue coloring, and Bulba Fett even sports a piece of chest armor so impressive that even a Hyper Beam would bounce off it. The figure's hands and feets still feature Bulbasaur's clawed appendages, but its wrists are adorned with Boba Fett's iconic wrist gauntlets. It also looks like Bulba Fett has two gun holsters attached to his hip which would undoubtedly hold twin blaster pistols.

While some might be wondering why PokeWars opted to mix Bulbasaur with Boba Fett, the reason likely comes down to coloring. The Star Wars character is often seen in his green Mandalorian armor, and Boba Fett even armed himself with a whipcord launcher. The weapon could easily mimic Bulbasaur's famous vines which Ash Ketchum often used for Vine Whip. On the other hand, though, Bulbasaur comes off far less ruthless than his Star Wars counterpart. Sure, the two are certainly protective, but most wouldn't expect Bulbasaur to gloat over victories like Boba Fett famously does.

If you're interested in picking up Bulba Fett, don't get your hopes up. A simple Internet search proves useless when you search PokeWars online, leaving fans to believe the toy is a one-off or a relic of some long-gone bootlegs. According to Geek Tyrant, the only thing fans can expect to see when they search for PokeWars is some questionable fanfictions.

But, still, it's cool to imagine just how other Pokemon could be paired with Star Wars characters. Just imagine what a Snorlax and Jabba the Hutt would look like? Let us know which pairings you'd like to see the most in the comments below!