Pokemon's Legendary Birds Are Coming to North America

(Photo: Pokemon)

While the Pokemon franchise has many "legendary" Pokemon, most fans hold a special spot for the original trio of Legendary birds: Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. Today, Nintendo announced a special distribution for the Legendary Birds as part of its ongoing 20th Anniversary celebrations. As an extra bonus, all three birds will have "Hidden Abilities", a first for the Pokemon. Articuno will have Snow Cloak, which increases its evasion during hail, Zapdos will have Static, which adds a chance of opposing Pokemon getting paralyzed whenever they land a physical attack and Moltres has Flame Body, which adds a chance of opposing Pokemon getting burned. Here's a video explaining the giveaway in full:

In order to get the Legendary Birds, trainers need to sign up for the Pokemon Trainer Club, a free group on Pokemon.com. Members will receive codes to unlock the Legendary Birds in a newsletter distributed via email next month. It's unclear whether the codes will be single use, or whether you can use the code to receive the Pokemon in multiple games. The "Hidden Ability" Legendary Birds have also already been distributed in Europe and Japan.

The Legendary birds continue Pokemon's big 20th anniversary celebration. In addition to monthly giveaways of mythical Pokemon (you can get Jirachi this month!), the franchise also recently gave away Legendary Golems for using the cloud-based Pokemon Bank storage app.