Pokken Tournament Has Outsold Street Fighter V on PS4

Pokken Tournament Top
(Photo: Nintendo)

A leaked sales report indicates a surprising winner between two of 2016's top fighting games. According "ZhugeEX", a well-known leaker and analyst, the upcoming NPD report, which tracks video game sales, will report that Pokken Tournament, Nintendo's Pokemon-themed fighting game, is outselling PS4 copies of Street Fighter V.

While the Pokemon franchise is one of the most popular game franchises in the world, the news is still a surprise due to the large disparity between Wii U and PS4 sales. Sony has sold over 35 million Playstation 4 consoles, outpacing Wii U sales nearly three to one. Despite Nintendo's limited market share, Pokken Tournament is a popular game, in part due to its popularity with competitive gamers. Street Fighter V, however, has been criticized for numerous software bugs and a lack of content. While Capcom had hoped to sell more than 2 million copies of Street Fighter V by the end of its fiscal year, the game had only sold 1.4 million copies as of March 2016.


It's likely that Street Fighter V still has some legs to it, as the game has DLC yet to be released. Bandai, which produced Pokken Tournament, has yet to announce any additional content for the Pokemon fighter.