Poll: Are You Still Playing Pokemon Go?

pokemon go chart

Last month, Pokemon Go took the world by storm, breaking records and challenging how society viewed video games. As millions downloaded the popular augmented reality mobile app and explored their neighborhoods, curious onlookers struggled to understand why their local parks were suddenly filled with people staring at their phones. Now, those parks are significantly less busy, as millions have reportedly stopped playing the record breaking app.

There are a few possibilities for Pokemon Go's declining userbase. While the game was extremely popular early on, many were turned off with the constant server outages that plagued the games for weeks. Developer Niantic Labs was not expecting the amount of traffic generated by the game, and its servers simply couldn't handle the strain during peak hours.

There's also the negative reputation Pokemon Go has picked up in many areas. Although many businesses and communities benefited from the sudden influx in traffic, not everyone was as appreciative of Pokemon Go players. As some locations called for Niantic to pull PokeStops and gyms from their locations, some lawmakers in multiple countries mulled more extreme options for keeping Pokemon Go players off their figurative lawns.

Finally, the Pokemon Go fanbase itself became increasingly dissatisfied with the game. After the initial novelty of catching Pokemon in the real world wore off, players were left with a frustrating leveling up system that required tons of grinding and catching the same Pokemon over and over and over again. When Niantic removed the tracking system (allegedly due to the strain it put on the servers), fans nearly revolted and many left the game due to frustration.

But for all the frustrations the game has caused, Pokemon Go remains very popular, especially in countries where the game has only been out for a few weeks. Although the game has lost an estimated 22% of its userbase, that's still an amazing retention rate when compared to just about any mobile game. There's also the tease of Legendary Pokemon and Pokemon from later generations, which have kept players at least checking in on updates about the game. And many players are still diligently visiting PokeStops, finding new Pokemon, and filling out their Pokedex.


So are you still playing Pokemon Go? If you're not playing the game anymore, do you plan to give the game another try once more features are added to the game? Let us know in the poll above!