Power Girl's New Costume In Action

0commentsIGN has an exclusive first look

at Kevin Maguire's variant cover to Worlds' Finest #1, one of DC's May-launching "second wave" of New 52 titles which features Power Girl and Huntress fighting to get back to their home on Earth 2. After a finished and polished cover by George Pérez that drew a lot of fire from fans, followed by a much less finished-looking sketch from his Facebook page that tweaked the costume somewhat more to the Internet's liking, this third image is a finalized version of the first issue's cover which, unlike the Pérez version, features the "final" Power Girl costume which will be the norm for the series. Pérez and Maguire will trade off art duties on the title, allowing both of the fan-favorite artists to work on a monthly title in spite of the fact that neitherof them have been able to sustain a monthly schedule for very long in quite some time. So, having seen a final, publication-ready version of the new (new) costume, what do you think?