Red Light Properties: The Three Towers Cover Revealed


The cover for the next installment of Eisner-winning cartoonist Dan Goldman's Red Light Properties series debuted earlier today on the writer/artist's Tumblr. You can see it at left.

Titled The Three Towers, the volume will be the first totally new content created since Goldman made the move to digital-first publisher Monkeybrain earlier this year.

"Red Light Properties was on ComiXology in the creator-owned books ghetto for almost a year before I moved over to Monkeybrain and nobody found it," Goldman told at the time. "With Monkeybrain, aside from the fact that you’ve got this new, shiny seal of quality, I really like the other people who were publishing with them and I really like Chris and Allison very much. Once we really started talking, it was like, 'This is going to be really good,' so that’s where the decision came from. My fans tend to be outside of the comics world and I want to fix that because I’m working in comics and it’s hard to get people who dont read comics to pick up comics and get it without having to explain it to them whereas the comics audience is just, 'Oh, cool. That sounds awesome, I’m goign to buy that.' There’s a lot less singing and dancing you have to do get them to read it–but that audience has never been mine."

Goldman doesn't have an ETA just yet for when The Three Towers will be available, but he promised his readers that he would pass along the Monkeybrain/comiXology pre-order URL as soon as he gets it.