REPORT: Matthew McConaughey Offered Dark Tower Villain Role


Forget the rumors that he could be the big bad in The Stand: Matthew McConaughey has reportedly been offered the role of Walter Padick, the Man in Black, in The Dark Tower, Variety reports.

Long in gestation, Sony and MRC's The Dark Tower will reportedly span TV and film. The first, titled The Gunslinger, follows a character called Roland, the titular gunslinger, as he chases after Padick.

Padick is a demonic sorcerer who first appeared under the name "Randal Flagg" in The Stand -- and that's the character McConaughey was rumored to play. The report indicates that the Academy Award-winning actor was actually offered both roles but gravitated toward The Dark Tower's script.

The film is expected to get started soon for a 2017 target date, according to Variety.