Return of the King: Elvis' Love of Comic Books Explored

Elvis Presley is known for many things: his massive list of top ten hits, his influence on the genre of rock n' roll, his costumes and of course Graceland, but many are about to learn something else about The King of Rock n' Roll. In the upcoming release Graphic Elvis, a collaboration between Liquid Comics and Elvis Presley Enterprises, fans will learn about the singer's love of superheroes and comic books and how those two forces influenced his life and his work. Sharad Devarajan, co-founder and CEO of Liquid Comics, said in a statement, "Comics influenced so much of his life and made him a larger-than-life hero to so many people. It's paying homage to that on the 35th anniversary of his death (which will occur in 2012) and allowing today's generation of artists to do the same to him." Graphic Elvis will allow different artists from various genres and nations the chance to interpret Elvis as they see him, all the while exploring Elvis' love of the comic book medium. Photos will also be included so that readers can see just how personal Elvis viewed the genre, something that he had loved since childhood. Scott Williams, vice-president of marketing for Elvis Presley Enterprises, expressed enthusiasm for the project, saying, "We never say what we think Elvis would do or not do, but because he loved comic books, this is absolutely something he would like. He would get into this big-time." Elvis was a fan of Captain Marvel and the entire Marvel family, with several touches of them sprinkled throughout his work, costumes and even in his TCB lightening logo. The project will be available in a 12 x 12 limited edition this holiday season and then in mass market distribution in April 2012. Put on your blue suede shoes and get a copy when it comes out!