Ricky Gervais Wants to Be a Supervillain


Earlier this week, during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, famed British comedian Ricky Gervais talked about a number of his upcoming projects--including one which, because of its pedigree, put everything else to the side.

Gervais is apparently developing a feature film in which he will star as David Brent, his character from The Office, the BBC sitcom he created and which made him famous.

So you'll excuse THR for not getting a direct quote when Gervais told them that he'd like to play a Riddler-like supervillain in a superhero movie.

"Gervais is in talks to direct, write and star in another film and has aspirations to play a villain (think the Riddler) in a superhero movie" is all we got--but that's intriguing, considering how many such roles are opening up these days and Gervais's history as an actor who plays jerks. Seems as though it's not too unlikely he'll get his wish...