Rob Liefeld Wants to Write and Direct an Image Comics Movie

Rob Liefeld, best known as the creator of Deadpool, would like to get behind the camera for a big screen story telling how Image Comics came to be.

After gaining plenty of big screen experience through watching Deadpool get brought to the big screen in a pair of blockbuster films, Liefeld would like to keep his effort much more contained than a sprawling super hero epic. In fact, he wants to tell a very personal story about himself and his close friends Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Whilce Portacio, Marc Silvestri, Erik Larson, and Jim Valentino.

"I do wanna get behind the camera, I do wanna direct, but I want to do a really small movie about the formation of Image Comics," Liefeld told "It's like The Social Network. It's like The Wolf of Wall Street. It was crazy. If we pull back the curtain on like '91 to '96 and seven guys who said, 'We should just form a comic company.' And how we changed the world and the world of pop culture. Literally, you make a bunch of guys who were doing well but now have millions of dollars flowing into their lives."

The formation of the now well-known and highly-successful comic book brand ws no easy feat. "We could tell MC Hammer's story in our movie," Liefeld joked. "We could tell every up and down story you've ever seen. It's the world of comics. Even here at [San Diego Comic Con] and the battles and the behind-the-scenes and 'What do you mean our tables are back here? Well, this company...!' I mean, there was so much politics."

The movie itself would be loaded with heart, revealing how the brand responsible for titles such as Youngblood, The Savage Dragon, Spawn, and The Walking Dead came to be.

"We really believe we changed the culture," Lie feld said. "I've already written the script and I've gotten some input from some great producers. They think there's some really creative stuff in there."

Such a story is very personal for Liefeld, who has attended events like San Diego Comic Con where he sat down with to discuss his directorial desires, year in and year out for decades.


"If I could say one thing that is the most important," Liefeld said. "At eight o'clock, I stood there and I took a picture, and I'm like, 'Look man, my dad took me here in 1982, when I was 14 years old and I got to meet all of my favorite comic book creators. Chris Claremont. George Perez. Marv Wolfman. Dave Cockrum. All these guys, significant creators. This was built by comic book characters. This giant building. Now, as I come out of the elevator and I see some of these actors running to do their panels based on the roles they play from stuff that we originated, comic creators is what this was built on. We should accept nothing less than the very best at all times and that's what Image Comics was built on."

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