Rob Liefeld Leaving Superhero Comics in 2013

Following yesterday's revelation that Grant Morrison will step away from superhero comics for a while after his current planned stories on Action Comics and Batman Incorporated end in 2013, Image Comics founder Rob Liefeld has tweeted that he "will be close behind."

He followed up that he wouldn't be leaving anytime soon and that he'll be working on his DC work "well into 2013" but that "2013 is a ways off."

Liefeld, who took over writing chores on Deathstroke, Hawkman and Grifter and art duties on Deathstroke recently, has been imagined by fans and reporters since as an integral part of DC's plan moving forward.

Instead, it appears that he considered himself a combat medic on beleaguered titles.

"I've done my job, stopped the bleeding, revived the patient," tweeted the artist, but "The current corporate comics conditions are an absolute bear, on both sides, for both Big Two."