Rob Liefeld Unearths Old Youngblood Animated Demo

(Photo: Image Comics)

Back in the 1990's, Image was the place to be, and that that was partly due to the creative teams pushing out the product. One of the most infamous names in that group is creator Rob Liefeld.

One of Liefeld's creations was Youngblood, a group of metahumans assembled by the government to take down worldwide threats. The team was one of several licenses that made the leap to animation, but in Youngblood's case, it never went into production. Youtube user Riprod1234 uploaded a 3-minute cartoon that he financed and produced back in 1993, in conjunction with Roustabout Productions.

The team features the most popular figures of the team, as just like the X-Men, the roster expanded quite a bit over time. Represented here are Shaft, Badrock, Diehard, Vogue, Chapel, Riptide, and Sentinel, and overall the animation quality is actually quite good. In fact, in many ways, it is a bit superior to the much loved X-Men animated series.

While I never really got into Youngblood, back in the 90's I probably would have been all over this.