Ronda Rousey Is A Super Saiyan--Which Explains A lot

If you missed Ronda Rousey's bone-crushing performance on Ultimate Fighting Championship this weekend—we can't blame you. The whole fight lasted 34 seconds.

But after Rousey destroyed Brazils' Bethe Correia, and everyone else picked their jaws off the ground, the inevitable question arose: How the heck was Rousey able to trounce her opponent so quickly?

Fortunately, we seem to have found the answer. And it's obvious, really. Ronda Rousey can go Super-Sayian*, just like the characters featured in the ever-popular Dragon Ball Z anime series.

In a newly-discovered GIF, we see that Rousey can tap into the same elemental energies as Dragon Ball Z's most iconic Saiyans. While we could expound a Wikipedia entry's worth of information explaining how Super Saiyan status makes one an all-powerful fighter, all you really need to know is this: When you go Super Saiyan, you go H.A.M. And that's exactly what Rousey did in the ring.

Created by /u/noise_filter (IG: proxyrax) on 7/14/15This animation was created as humorous fan art and parody. It is not for profit or commercial use.

Good thing there's no rule against going Super Saiyan in UFC's rulebook, huh?


Via Reddit.

*Not really, but wouldn't that be cool?