Route 29 Batman Killed In Roadside Accident

Lenny B. Robinson, the 51-year-old Maryland man known locally and on the internet as the "Route 29 Batman," has died.

Robinson was known for driving a black Lamborghini, in full costume as The Dark Knight, to visit children's hospitals. He was struck by a car on I-70 during his return trip from a car show in West Virginia.

Robinson's Batmobile experienced engine trouble and was struck after he had pulled over, partially in the fast lane, to examine the problem.

The crash is currently under investigation, but no charges have been filed.

Robinson was a entrepreneur in the cleaning business, and had done well enough for himself that he could afford his customized Batmobile and Batsuit. He became known nationally after a police video of a traffic stop, with Robinson in full costume, went viral and was mentioned in a Jimmy Fallon monologue.


Source: The Washington Post