Ryan Reynolds Officially Announces Deadpool Blu-Ray Release Date

(Photo: 20th Century Fox)

Deadpool is getting ready to come home with you, and let you enjoy him over and over again.

The hit movie will hit Blu-Ray on May 10, 2016, star Ryan Reynolds announced on twitter. He also jokingly said there will be a "non-existent special edition VHS and LaserDisc" released "19 years ago." So everyone get your time travel sorted out for that one.

Deadpool was a huge hit for Fox, as the #1 movie overall for 2016 so far, the top-grossing X-Men film ever, the top-grossing R-Rated movie in worldwide box office, and the #2 R-Rated film in domestic history (only Passion of the Christ remains on top, meaning yes, Jesus beats Deadpool).

It's also a critical hit, with a certified fresh rating from RottenTomatoes and incredible fan support. It's a good year to be a disfigured anti-hero.

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