Saturday Morning Watchmen Parody Channels 80s Cartoons

Ever wonder what Saturday morning cartoons could have been like if Alan Moore didn’t have artistic integrity and instead sold out his mature opus to the sugary cereal corporations? The viral video Saturday Morning Watchmen is a glimpse into what that bizarre world could have looked like.

Spoiler Alert! At only 81 seconds, the parody, created by Happy Harry Toons starts with a brief teaser in which communists plot to ruin the city’s water supply. While watching the event in his chamber of TV monitors, Adrian Veidt calls the Watchmen to action and the show's theme song begins.

Proclaiming that the Watchmen are the best of friends, the song goes on to show each member in action. Nite-Owl II is shown to be heroic and manly, Rorschach refers to himself as being a little nutty while being friendly to a pair of German shepherds, and Silk Spectre II is shown glamming it up on stage a’la the truly outrageous Jem. Ozymandias and his pet lynx are shown chasing a mummy like Shaggy and Scooby, while Dr. Manhattan’s ability to give villains cancer is praised through song.

Where Saturday Morning Watchmen shines is how it tackles the book's more adult content and makes it kid friendly. The famous scene in which Dr. Manhattan is making love to Silk Spectre while being three places at once is changed to having all three Doctors tucked in bed while being read a bedtime story by the heroine. And fans are sure to cheer when they see Ozymandias save the Comedian from falling out his apartment window.

Those interested in viewing a high quality version of the entire viral video can go to Next Week’s TV Guide listed the video as one to watch.