Savage Dragon #200: Erik Larsen Previews The Landmark Issue With Herb Trimpe, Chris Burnam and Savage Dragonbert

SD 200

Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen took to Facebook this week to share a preview of Savage Dragon #200, the oversized, jam-packed volume due in stores on December 10.

The issue features art from a team of luminaries including  Ferran Delgado, Herb Trimpe, Bill Crabtree, Chris Burnham, Chris Eliopoulos, Karl Hörnell, Dylan McCrea, Travis Sengaus, Nikos Koutsis and Mike Toris. There's also a variant cover by Jack Kirby with a cool story behind it -- one that informs one of two stories in which Larsen collaborated with his longtime hero Herb Trimpe on art.

You can check out a number of art teases below, including a couple of process pieces and some unexpected glances into returning features like The Savage Dragonbert and Desperate Times.

Larsen also shared the splash page directly above, which is the original "draft" of the one seen at top.

"This--really didn't quite work," Larsen wrote to Facebook. "A failed attempt at a cityscape. I tried faking the perspective and it just looked skewed. I ended up pulling it out and swapping in something else."


Savage Dragon #200 is on sale December 10. Look for more news leading up to the release of the issue.