Savage Dragon Is Back In Blue


It’s been twelve years since the Savage Dragon was a Chicago Police Officer. However, Image Comics has announced that the Chicago superhero will once again be joining the Chicago Police Force. The event will take place in issue #145 of the Savage Dragon. The issue will also feature another big event, as President-elect Barack Obama will greet Savage Dragon as he returns to the force. "Writing and drawing Savage Dragon as a cop after nearly twelve years feels good--it feels right," writer Erik Larsen told the Tribune. "It's a homecoming of sorts and it's a joy to be back." The Chicago Tribune's RedEye recently printed an exclusive comic strip that showed President-elect Barack Obama congratulating Savage Dragon on his new position. In the strip, President-elect Barack Obama credited Savage Dragon’s endorsement with putting him over the top in the election. Savage Dragon #145 will be 32 pages and will retail for $3.50. The comic is scheduled to hit stores on March 25, 2009.