Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine Leads California Police On A High-Speed Chase

scooby doo
(Photo: Warner Animation)

A woman driving a 1994 minivan painted to look like Scooby-Doo's Mystery Machine managed to evade police after a high-speed chase in California.

According to KRCR 7, Sharon Kay Turman, 51, was wanted for a probation violation. When she was approached by law enforcement, she fled. According to police, Turman drove through an intersection against a red light hitting four other vehicles.

Turman's current whereabouts are unknown, and she is still wanted by the Redding Police Department as well as Shasta County Probation -- but apparently a police helicopter did spot her abandoning the Mystery Machine. The law enforcement agencies involved are hoping for tips at the Redding Police Department at (530)225-4200 or Secret Witness of Shasta County at (530)243-2319.


According to comments on the news story, there is also a second -- more screen-accurate -- Mystery Machine in the same area, driven by people with no connection to Turman or the manhunt.