Scott Snyder Confirms Exit After Batman #51, Discusses Detective Comics Rumors

BM Cv51

With Batman #49 on the racks today, series writer Scott Snyder is making the rounds on social media and in the fan press to talk about the series and the last few issues of "Superheavy," the storyline he and artist Greg Capullo started in June which saw Bruce Wayne's memories taken away and James Gordon stepping in as Batman.

This is the first new issue since rumors started to spring up that Snyder would leave Batman for a run on Detective Comics this summer following DC's quasi-confirmed Rebirth event.

Snyder, for his part, wouldn't confirm a move to Detective Comics when spoke to him earlier this week.

"There's a lot of rumors, but I'm still figuring it out, to be honest," Snyder said. "I'm proud of what Greg has been able to do and what I've been able to do with him. I'm trying to focus on [finishing the Batman run] right now and not worry about what happens next."

In this case, what he's working on is apparently very close to completion:


With Capullo leaving, there had been some question as to whether Snyder would remain on Batman, but given his passion for the character and the way he's consistently talked about working on the book, it seemed likely he would remain in Gotham even withouts Capullo.

Meanwhile, neither has ever made any secret that once Capullo finishes an outside prestige project (reportedly with Kick-Ass's Mark Millar), they plan to reunite for a big DC project.