Scream Queens Cast Is Returning For Season 2, First Teaser Released


Saturday night at PaleyFest, it was officially announced that the main cast — Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Lea Michele, Keke Palmer, Abigail Breslin, Billie Lourd, Niecy Nash, and Glenn Powell — will return for Season 2 of Fox's Scream Queens.

Oddly enough, they'll be playing the same characters, but the horror-comedy series will move from a college campus to a hospital setting. "Dean Munsch (Curtis) has moved on to great success, she's abolished the Greek system in the country…she's written her book, she's traveled the world, and is like, 'I need a new mission'," showrunner Brad Falchuk said during the show's panel (via Deadline). That leads to Munsch buying a hospital and running it "the way she sees fit."

How about, The Chanels? Last we saw of them (Roberts, Breslin, Lourd), they were committed to a mental institution. Falchuck said The Chanels have "flipped and taken their education seriously while in the institution." This will lead to them becoming medical students.

How about, Red Devil Hester (Michele)? "In this hospital, there's some funny business going as well," Falchuk said. "There's an aspect to this show that involves murder and a killer and in those ways Hester is going to be intimately involved."

"She's done killing as far as I know, and I'm very excited about my storyline for next year," Michele told EW. "Ryan [Murphy] told me all about it. I know everything that I'm doing next year, and I'm really excited about it. My character's storyline is reminiscent of a very famous horror film, and I love horror films, so I was really excited about that."

How about, Zayday (Palmer)? She graduated Wallace University in two years and is now training to become a doctor under Dean Munsch's supervision.

And, Denise (Nash)? She's now an FBI agent and will drop by the hospital to investigate whatever criminal activity that take place there.


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