Secret Invasion Concludes


After all the buzz, it’s hard to imagine that Secret Invasion is finally coming to an end. The eighth issue of the eight issue Marvel Comics mini-series will be hitting comic book stores on Thursday, December 4, 2008. Secret Invasion #8 will be an extra-sized finale, which will feature the conclusion to the war. The writer on the series is Brian Michael Bendis and the artist is Leinil Francis Yu. Gabriele Dell'Otto will be a special guest cover artist for issue #8. There will also be a variant cover and a variant sketch cover by Leinil Francis Yu. Of course with a storyline this big, it can’t just end immediately. Marvel Spotlight: Secret Invasion Aftermath #1 will cover the wake of the Secret Invasion and the upcoming Dark Reign. Marvel Spotlight: Secret Invasion Aftermath #1 is written by John Rhett Thomas with cover by Greg Land. In addition, Secret Invasion: Frontline #5 will cover the final hours of the Skrull Invasion in Manhattan. Secret Invasion: Frontline #5 is written by Brian Reed and penciled by Marco Castiello with cover by Juan Doe.