Seth Rogen Teases Preacher Involvement


It was Kevin Smith who first tried to sell Bob and Harvey Weinstein on the notion of a Preacher movie, as far back as 1998--and while he's not involved, as far as anyone knows, in the rumored AMC pilot based on the comic book series, it appears that one of his former collaborators may be. Actor and writer Seth Rogen, who played the titular Zack in Smith's film Zack & Miri Make a Porno, made a couple of tweets this evening that seem to suggest he's behind the Preacher project at AMC. If true, it will not be his first brush with a big name in genre entertainment; besides starring in Green Hornet a few years back, Rogen played a trainer who whipped Homer Simpson into shape to play a superhero on The Simpsons. It would also be the second time in recent memory that one of Smith's collaborators went on to make one of his dream projects without him; Ben Affleck, who stars as Batman in the forthcoming Man of Steel sequel, has worked with Smith on at least a half-dozen films. You can check out Rogen's tweets below. Bear in mind that, as a writer and producer, even if true, these are not necessarily indicative that Rogen will appear in the series as an actor.